M.Ed. TIES at Endicott College

Master of Education, Montessori Integrative Learning

The Institute for Educational Studies, Endicott College

Program Description

The TIES-ENDICOTT Master of Education in Montessori Integrative Learning explores and expands upon the contexts that contribute to Montessori teaching and learning. We value Maria Montessori’s insight that recognizes the inherent human potential. That awareness begins at birth and, in the right environment, is capable of creating a new humanity on a sustainable Earth.

In collaboration with MI-NE earn 12 cross-credits and a $4,500 tuition discount.

Program Overview

Concentration Course List

INT 530Integrative Learning I – Learning Tools2
INT 553Math & Instructional Strategies in the Montessori Classroom2
INT 585Montessori Foundation Emphasis I4
INT 567Creativity & Research I – Observations2
INT 554Transformative Learning I – Reflections2


MON 545Foundations of Montessori Education (pre-practicum)6
MON 546Math & Instructional Strategies in the Montessori Classroom6
MON 547Language & Literacy Across the Curriculum6
MON 548Human Development & Learning3
MON 560Montessori Practicum & Seminar3



Program Total 45 cr. hrs. 

Additional Courses for Licensure

($350/credit—eligible for federal and private loan funds)

EDU 520Teaching Strategies3
EDU 575Classroom Management & Organization3
EDU 580Methods and Practice in Early Childhood3
EDU 614Integrating Technology for All Students3

For more information contact: www.gordon.edu/graduate/montessori

Dr. Janet Arndt, Director of Graduate Studies. Gordon College.

Email: explore@ties-edu.org
Phone: 800-457-5672

The Institute for Educational Studies in affiliation with Van Loan School at Endicott College.