FAQ B.A. Endicott College

How is the program integrating Montessori education? 

Each Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies group begins with the 3 credit course Seminar in Academic Inquiry, Intrinsic Motivation and the Montessori Method, where students will learn the process of investigating an issue through reflection, forming and defending a position. This seminar will be followed by the Assessment of Prior Learning (APL), a 3 credit course in which students will be guided to create a proficiency portfolio that portrays their understanding and experience with Montessori education and other learning/training experiences they might have had in their careers. This portfolio of case studies can be worth up to 30 credits towards your bachelor’s degree.

Are there courses specifically for the Montessori Cohort?

Yes. Montessori Concentration Specialization Courses include Culture and Identity; Education and Democracy; Action Research; Child and Adolescent Psychology; and Introduction to Education. Many of the Montessori Concentration Specialization Course professors are also members of the MI-NE Faculty.

Does Endicott accept college credit from other courses? 

Yes. Endicott College accepts up to 85 credits from accredited colleges and universities.

What are the additional requirements for the degree? 

The Bachelor of Liberal Arts (126 credits total) allows students to draw on the entire online curriculum offered at Endicott College.  Students can take courses in psychology, arts and humanities, education, business, science and math to develop a holistic approach that meets their interests.