Financial Information

Application Fee:

A one time, non-refundable, $50.00 application fee is required at the time of application.


$3,900.00 for the Infant and Toddler Teacher Education Program.  $4,500.00 for the Early Childhood Teacher Education Program. The total tuition, less deposit of $500.00, is due on or before August 1st or on or before the first day of class (whichever comes first).


$300.00  This mandatory fee partially covers the cost of student registration with AMS and MACTE.

Enrollment Deposit:

Students are considered registered and enrolled upon return of the enrollment contract and deposit of $500.00, which isheld and applied towards the total tuition payment. The deposit will be forfeited to the Montessori Institute – New England if the student withdraws. The enrollment deposit is due within 2 weeks of acceptance.

Refund Policy:

  • 100% of tuition will be refunded if the Program is cancelled.
  • Withdrawal before first day of class: 100% tuition refund less deposit
  • Withdrawal before second day of class: 90% tuition refund less deposit
  • Withdrawal before third day of class: 50% tuition refund less deposit
  • Withdrawal after third class: No refund.

A student wishing to withdraw from the program must submit a written notice of withdrawal. The date and time that the form is received by the Institute will be the official date and time of withdrawal. Unofficial notices will not be accepted as notification of withdrawal.

Late Payment: The student may not attend class until the tuition is paid in full.

Late Payment: The student may not attend class until the tuition is paid in full.

Returned Checks: If a check is returned by the bank for any reason, a fee of $25.00 will be charged. Cash or certified checks will be required after the receipt of a returned check.

Extension Fee:  Students must attend all classes of the Academic Workshop phase of the Program during the first year.  Tuition payment must be completed in the first year.  Auditing students pay full tuition. If all work is not completed within (1) one year of the final day of the academic workshop, the student will be dismissed or requested to pay an additional $400.00 third-year extension fee.

Practicum Site Fee: MI-NE reserves the right to assess a travel fee when the distance from the Program to the Practicum Site exceeds 75 miles.

Self-Directed Fee: MI-NE reserves the right to assess an additional self-directed fee when the student commits to a self-directed internship at the Practicum Site. If additional coaching, supervision, and on-site instruction is required or requested, the fee extends by $300.00 per visit.