Community Code of Conduct

MI-NE strives to promote and sustain a culture and climate that instills and imparts dignity and a sense of shared responsibility for the well-being of each other and that of our larger community. In keeping with this philosophy, all MI-NE community members will consistently conduct themselves in a manner that affirms and abides by these beliefs and principles of moral character.

Commitment– We will uphold the school’s philosophy and guiding principles. We will be dedicated to our teaching, learning, parenting, and volunteering roles, and be responsible and accountable for our actions.

Cooperation– We will work to include others and put forth our best effort to help others do the same. We will work together to create harmony and a supportive atmosphere.

Communication– We will be clear, respectful, positive and direct in all our communications. We will be open and responsive and polite to others.

Concern– We will be compassionate in our actions with others. We will embrace challenges and differences with understanding and appreciation.